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Music Azuki

Owner, In-house Audio Engineer

Kelvin is a highly accomplished audio production professional with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production from The Art Institute of California - San Francisco. With a wealth of experience exceeding 10 years in studio production, he has established himself as a lead engineer, collaborating with over 15 prominent artists. Notably, Kelvin specializes in Hip-Hop and gained significant recognition for his engineering work on the viral hit single in the Philippines, titled "ICE" by ACDMND$ & Jimmy Pablo, which has amassed over 25 million streams.

Kelvin possesses a collaborative mindset that welcomes individuals with diverse skill levels. He has actively contributed to the growth and success of emerging artists, offering valuable guidance on career strategies, promotional opportunities, and the legal intricacies of the music industry. Furthermore, Kelvin has showcased his versatility by producing for renowned Bay Area rap star Nef the Pharaoh and gaining valuable experience as a Studio Assistant for Green Day during his internship.

One of Kelvin's key strengths lies in his ability to create crisp and clean mixes with tasteful effects. He places great importance on preserving the artistic vision of each project he undertakes, upholding rigorous standards of quality. While Kelvin initially focused on local projects, he has successfully expanded his reach internationally through online marketplaces, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to delivering exceptional audio engineering services.

By leveraging Kelvin's expertise and extensive track record, you can confidently entrust your audio production needs to a seasoned professional who consistently exceeds expectations. Contact TMPL Sounds today to discuss your project and benefit from Kelvin's unparalleled skill set in the realm of audio engineering.

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